Fresh mineral water in London

German Kraft Brewery at Mercato Metropolitano in London uses the Memsys membrane technology and has implemented it into the brewing process to create the perfect brewing water for different types of beers.

By implementing the technology, and with the use of energy recuperation, the waste heat created during the brewing process is recycled and used to distill and mineralise the water. The water is put into glass bottles and sold at the market. 100% of the profits made from the sale of bottles goes directly into the Aquiva foundation to help fund large-scale water projects in developing countries. This is currently a planned project set for trial at the home of German Kraft brewery in Mercato Metropolitano.

 The decision for water to be sold in glass bottles is simply to help reduce the amount of plastic bottles that make their way back into the environment after use.


Drinking water for the Maldives

In 2014, Aquiva successfully established a small scale desalination unit driven by waste energy from generators on the island of Gulhi in the Maldives. At only 600 by 300 metres, the island is home to over 1200 inhabitants. There are no natural freshwater sources on the island apart from seasonal rain, so Gulhi is reliant on water imports.

This is likely one of the most efficient desalination units in the world and has proven to be very resilient to the harsh conditions of a remote island and variable quality of maintenance. The project works alongside the state electricity provider STELCO and is primarily run by designated locals on the island. It is hopeful that similar projects can be set up on more islands that have a local power generation.

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